Let’s Express Our Love Together

Monday, 16 December 2013

By Jason Garraway

You and I have been together for a very long time
So why does expressing love have to feel like committing a crime
We have all the elements of a good relationship yet it’s the basic things we miss
Like to share a warm embrace and to give one another a tender kiss

The love we posses is genuine therefore we've nothing to prove
That’s doesn't mean a day should go by without exchanging the words ‘I love you’
Life would never be the same without one another, this we know is true
Everything we do in this relationship is for the benefit of me and you

So let’s release our love from within our imprisoned hearts and set it free
All what we have together in this relationship is all what we could ever need
So from this day forward let’s vow to make a change for the better

Let’s spend every single day expressing our love together.

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Just One Touch

Friday, 12 July 2013

By Jason Garraway

Just one touch shows you how much I need you
Just one touch shows you how much I care
Just one touch lets you know how much I miss you
Just one touch lets you know that I’m there
Without just one touch I’m lonely Without just one touch my body is cold
Without just one touch I’m missing an important feeling
Without your touch I can’t have you to hold

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My Greatest Gift

Friday, 14 June 2013

by Jason Garraway

To my love,

Please forgive me as love makes you do crazy things
What I offer you is more precious than any material thing
I give you the greatest gift I possess which is my heart
Just promise me you’ll never let our hearts stray apart

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Abandoned Love

Thursday, 13 June 2013

By Jason Garraway

You hurt her, you hurt her bad
Now you wonder why she’s always sad
She loved you, she trusted you
You abused her trust, you played her for a fool

You said you loved her, you told her you cared
How could you have prove this to her, you were never there
You tried to ease your guilt with money and diamond rings
All she ever wanted was you, not your material things

You abandoned her love, you abandoned her love
Now she has finally had enough
She was in love and you broke her heart
Now you have to find love again from the start

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The New Look R&BPOETRY Blog Coming Soon....

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hi Readers,

This site will be soon to undergo a new makeover throughout the next few days. If your reading this then firstly, I would like to thank you. This is relativily a new site which features my poems, which I hope you enjoy reading. Over the next few days I will be changing the template and adding new features. So you might enter the website to see a new template. However, please keep on viewing my site and adding comments to my work. I'm looking for people to become members on my site, so if you like my work please make yourself a member or contact me.

During the following week you will find more of my poems plus information on upcoming poetry competitons which I've managed to find searching the web.

I'm a member of (rnbpoetry) there you will find alot of my poems, if your not a member of that then you should join yourself.

Thank you for your support,



Wednesday, 19 August 2009

By Jason Garraway

It’s that time of season when teardrops fall like rain
It sincerely breaks our heart to say goodbye
To lose a good friend can create so much pain
You’ve chosen to spread your wings and fly

We’ve only known you for a short while
Now its time for you to sadly depart
Were sorry to see you leave us so soon
You’ll always be in all our hearts

We thank you for leaving us with many good memories
Special moments that we will all treasure
We’ll miss your sweet personality and amazing smile
To have you around was a great pleasure

There will be nobody else that could ever replace you
Life will be different without having your radiant smile around
Your intelligent and friendly, you have a bright future ahead of you
Just remember that you deserve the best so never put yourself down

Whatever you do in life we all wish you good luck
We hope to see you again sometime
Even though you will meet new friends
Always keep a memory of us in your mind

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The Greatest Love-Making......Yet!!

By Jason Garraway

Rhythmic heart beats
Tonight I can see you have no intention of going to sleep
Quick rise
Warm surprise
Stroking your legs
We can do this right now on the floor or on the bed
Don’t touch
Long love
Kiss me instead
Feel me inside you as your eyes roll back in your head
Rough embrace
Pulse race
Taking deep breathes
This is the art of prolonging time at its best
Dripping wet
Tonight we’re producing our greatest love-making yet
Erupting walls
I’ve exploited your inner layer of sensitivity and reached the ultimate core
Pulse thundering
Words stammering
No longer in control
I'm soon approaching the point of no return so all can do now is go with the flow
End of the storm
Now together we can rest peacefully and welcome in the dawn

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